A scenic coastal adventure

Relax on a coastal adventure featuring stunning panoramic views of Dunedin Harbour and the endless Pacific Ocean. Join the locals for a drink or two at Arc Brewery or stay onboard for extra scenic sea views around Seacliff.

The Seasider | 3.5 hours | Destination: Seacliff/Merton (with stop-off at Arc Brewery) 

Train Trip Highlights

  • Picturesque journey along the Otago Harbour and around rugged cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Join the locals for a drink with a stop-off at Arc Brewery or enjoy extended oceanic views around Seacliff.

Please note: Waitati stop-offs are available on request via email. Passengers are not able to disembark at Seacliff or Merton. The stop-off duration at Arc Brewery is around 90 minutes. Click here to contact Arc Brewery about their service or seating options.

For more information about this train excursion please see our FAQ’s page. Terms & Conditions apply. 

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