Accessing or working near Dunedin Railways track or land?

Although in hibernation, there will still be maintenance vehicles operating on the track. Please see guidelines below if you want to access the line, or if you will be working in close proximity to it


Dunedin Railways control the railway line and surrounding land up the Taieri Gorge from North Taieri to Middlemarch as shown in the below map.To access this rail corridor, or in any instance where your work or machinery will be within 5 metres of the track centre, (including at Road level Crossings), written permission must be obtained from Dunedin Railways. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.


The Railways Act 2005 prohibits persons from entering:

A) Any railway infrastructure without the express permission of the appropriate licensed access provider

B) Any railway premises without the express or implied authority of the appropriate railway premises manager.


To enquire about access please:

Email:   [email protected]

If you are enquiring about access to any other railway line or land in Dunedin or further afield please contact Kiwi Rail 



When you apply for permission to enter rail land we'll work with you to find out what conditions the permit needs to keep you safe. It will depend on:

What you want to do on rail land
How close to rail lines or structures you will be
How close you need to be to the tracks
When you need to do the work.

Reasons to obtain permission to access the Taieri Gorge Rail Corridor enter could include:

Walking or cycling near the rail corridor
Moving livestock across the rail corridor
Filming or photographing
Protecting the corridor (includes planting and removing graffiti)
Moving of over-dimensional loads across the corridor
Installing or maintaining cables, pipes, power lines and drains (see utility services)
Surveying near or on the rail corridor
Contracting near or on the rail corridor
Construction activities near or on the rail corridor.
Logging activities where there is potential for felled trees or material to reach the rail corridor.

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