Taieri Gorge Railway Middlemarch

Welcome aboard the Taieri Gorge Railway - one of Dunedin's top attractions. Combine a touch of history with some railway charm and the result is one of New Zealand’s best loved and well known scenic railway journeys. The Taieri Gorge Railway travels through the spectacular and ever changing Taieri River Gorge and offers amazing views and gives a fascinating insight to the building of the railway line and life of those pioneers. This train extends all the way to Middlemarch which is the end of railway line. The train will stop for one hour for you to enjoy the tranquil serenity of this quaint town.

From $125 per person

Dunedin to Middlemarch

6.5 hours

154 km

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Features & Highlights

  • Spectacular Scenery
  • Countless bridges and viaducts
  • Scenery only accessible by train
  • Tea/Coffee and a variety of food available
  • Lively and informative Commentary
  • Stunning examples of railway engineering
  • Countless bridges and viaducts
  • Local flora and fauna
  • Friendly knowledgeable crew
  • Warm comfortable carriages
  • Open air platforms
  • Train slows or stops for photo opportunites
  • On board guide pamphlets
  • Bathrooms on board

Departing from Dunedins beautiful railway station, the train travels through the Southern parts of Dunedin city until it arrives at Wingatui junction where it turns off onto the Taieri branch. From here the train sneaks across the Taieri Plains and climbs into the Taieri Gorge, a narrow and deep gorge carved out over aeons by the ancient Taieri River.
This tour will travel all the way to the end of the line to Middlemarch - a superb example of a typical small railway town.

The train will stop or slow down at various scenic points along the way for photos where you can disembark and stretch your legs and enjoy the best of beauty, peace and quiet that nature has to offer. Stand on the open air platforms while the train moves or enjoy a quiet drink and food from our on board cafe while our train manager tells the story of the nature and history of the area in an entertaining and informative live commentary.

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