DJ Locomotive turns 50

  • Duration:12 hours
  • Distance:154km
  • Operates:Labour weekend 2018
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From 20 Oct 2018 to 22 Oct 2018

20th and 21st of October Diesel Electric Locomotive Celebration - the DJ's are turning 50!


To celebrate the 50 years of operations it is planned over Labour Weekend 2018 to operate services using the DJ fleet. The event will focus around the DJ class locomotives with the main event being a special trip to Middlemarch.

To add interest another two early Diesel Electric Locomotives owned and operated by the Diesel Traction Group based at Ferrymead in will be coming to Dunedin for the event.  These Dg and Di locomotives were originally based out of Dunedin and where regularly used on the Otago Central line like the Dj class.


Saturday 20 October 2018

Morning service will commence celebrations operated by a Dj and Di1102.

Departs at 9.30am and arrives back at 1.30pm.

The afternoon service will be operated by Dg772 and a Dj

Departs at 2.30pm and arrives back at 6.30pm.


NZ$105.00 per adult.

NZ$28.00 per child


Sunday 21 October 2018

Special excursion departing Dunedin at 9.30am and arriving in Middlemarch at 12.00noon.  Hauled by Dj/Dg/Di.

Depart Middlemarch at 5.15pm and arrives in Dunedin at 7.45pm

NZ$120.00 per adult

NZ$  55.00 per child


Two return trips from Middlemarch to Pukerangi

Trip One - DJ/Di hauled
Depart Middlemarch -1.15pm
Arrive Pukerangi -1.45pm
Depart Pukerangi -  2.00pm
Arrive Middlemarch - 2.30pm
Trip Two - Dj/DG hauled

Depart Middlemarch -3.15pm
Arrive Pukerangi -3.45pm
Depart Pukerangi -  4.00pm
Arrive Middlemarch - 4.30pm


Middlemarch to Pukerangi trips (per trip)

NZ$ 30.00 per adult 

NZ$ 10.00 per child


Monday 22 October 2018

Monday 22 October 2018

A Special Excursion Dunedin to Invercargill using Steam Incorporated red carriages hauled by Di1102 and Dg772.

Departs Dunedin - 8.00am

Arrives Invercargill - 12.30pm

Departs Invercargill - 3.15pm

Arrives Dunedin - 7.30pm



N$225.00 per adult.

NZ100.00 per child






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