Our Taieri Gorge trains as well as our Seasider train offer two different types of carriages: refurbished heritage carriages and a limited number of modern carriages, built in the 1990’s, with air conditioning. Both types of carriages feature large windows while heritage carriages, built almost 100 years ago but fully restored, have outside viewing platforms. There is no division into different classes; you can specify your preference upon pre-booking, although we can not guarantee your seating preference will be granted, we do try our very best to do so.


Yes. All carriages are heated or air conditioned to suit the outside weather conditions. 

Pukerangi is a place where you can enjoy the scenery, take photos and stretch your legs. We think Kenny Rogers would be proud of our ‘train bound for nowhere’. It is the point of turnaround for most of our trips and you have about 15 minutes to soak in the atmosphere while the engine changes ends. For the larger trains off cruise ships, enterprising locals set up craft stalls (weather dependent) and accept cash in any currency. Enjoy the serenity and the rare opportunity to relax and watch while the train is being prepared for the return journey.

For the comfort of all passengers, the only dogs allowed on our trains are guide dogs, hearing dogs and mobility assistant dogs.

No. For the safety and comfort of everyone, no-one is permitted to smoke on our trains.

That's great, Dunedin offers you one of the few chances on your cruise to see spectacular inland New Zealand scenery. Please see all three options for cruise ship passengers.

Please check the  'timetables and fares'  page for details on each trip.  If you are in Dunedin on a particular day and what to know what is on the easiest way to find out is to:

  • Go to the ticket office (book now), select your date and click on "all".  This will bring up all available trips on that day.

If you are in Dunedin on a cruise ship is is very likely that there will also be a Shore Excursion train that you can book through your travel agent or cruise company which is exclusive to your cruise and wont show in our timetable.





We do our best to assist passengers who are in wheelchairs or those who are unable to climb the steps onto the train.

It is important that you let us know prior to booking what your requirements are, so we can organise suitable access or assistance.  


Good question!  "Dunedin Railway Station Dunedin 9016" is what Google says.

"1 Anzac Square Dunedin 9016 " or "22 Anzac Ave Dunedin 9016 " are also addresses that are sometimes used.

Our postal address is "Box 140 Dunedin 9054"

The return journey through the Taieri Gorge to Pukerangi takes approximately four and a half hours while the trip to Middlemarch takes six and a half hours return. The return Seasider trip to Waitati takes about 2 to 2 and a half hours

Wear comfortable, casual clothes. Our trips to Pukerangi and Middlemarch offer the option to disembark at various points of interest, so flat shoes are recommended. 

Think of the train like an airplane. We are unable to carry gas/fuel, ammunition, fireworks etc. If you are thinking of carrying any dangerous goods please let us know so we can advise transport options.

Yes. Our four and a half hour and six and a half hour train trips have a buffet carriage with Kiwi favourites such as sandwiches, hot pies, cheese rolls, cakes, potato chips and the best coffee on the tracks!

On Seasider trips to Waitati we have a supply of snacks. You can also order lunch when making your booking.

Please note we only accept cash and credit cards on board the train.

All public train trips commence and end at the Dunedin Railway Station. However, we can arrange pick ups and drop offs at Wingatui if you travel on the Taieri Gorge trip (to Pukerangi or Middlemarch). You can also get on the train at Pukerangi, Middlemarch or Waitati if you would like to travel one way.


If you have travelled on the Seasider then there is a possibility of a drop off in Port Chalmers which has proven to be a popular option amongst visitors off a cruise ship.


Yes. There is at least one toilet on each of our carriages.

A trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway is suitable for all weather types as all carriages are enclosed and heated. A change in the weather can noticabely change the scenery on offer - the Taieri Gorge is emotionally akin to the weather so it changes constantly. It is a fantastic all weather trip and can be enjoyed any time of year.

Yes! All our trips are suitable for children, they are usually fascinated by the scenery, love the outside viewing platforms (accompanied by an adult of course), love to count the tunnels or like to ask the friendly crew lots of  questions. 

Children are 2 to 14 years old (inclusive)

If it is a folding stroller this is no problem at all. For the larger ‘off road’ style pushchairs we can accommodate them in the luggage car as we have limited room in the carriages and they can restrict the movement of other passengers. On the Pukerangi trip there is very little need for a pushchair as we are only stopped for about 10 minutes. For the longer stops our team will assist you in getting the pushchair from the luggage van. If you need to keep your child in the pushchair for the trip for some reason please see the accessible information below. We can also store pushchairs at the station while you are on the train.

Yes. Booking in advance entitles each couple to at least one window seat amongst them. The same applies to single travellers.

Yes, at least once but usually twice! The details about photo stops and their location is made by the train manager on the day with reference to group size, weather conditions etc.

It is recommended. During the summer months (October through April) the train trips often book out and reservations at least two to three days in advance are highly recommended. However, during the winter season (May to September) booking one day ahead is sufficient. If you are super organised you can even book up to a year in advance!

There are lots of ways to book -  you can book most of our trips on this website or by phone/e-mail or coming to see us at the Dunedin Railway Station. You can also book through your travel agent or iSite. If you are travelling as a group you can book through your tour leader. Many Dunedin accommodation providers can also book you on the train.

There is plenty of pay-and-display parking available around the Dunedin Railway Station and at NZ$5 for the whole day it is nice and cheap. However, make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to departure so you don't miss the train.

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