5 reasons why you should catch the Taieri Gorge Afternoon train

Sit back, relax and unwind as we take you on a journey into the Taieri Gorge – where you will witness some of New Zealand’s most beautiful and ever-changing scenery

Departing from the Iconic Dunedin Railway station daily at 3pm, this 4.5-hour return journey into the Taieri Gorge is an experience that will stay with you long after you get off the train. With live on-board commentary, stunning views, comfortable carriages and a buffet stocked with local food and drink - this journey provides the perfect opportunity for a romantic experience with a loved one or an entertaining afternoon out with family or friends. The Taieri Gorge is incredible at all times of day, but here are 5 reasons why you should catch the afternoon train: 

1. The landscape

This journey will take you into some of New Zealand’s most iconic, ever-changing scenery. Negotiating the winding gorge, the train travels through ten tunnels and across numerous bridges including the famous Wingatui Viaduct – the second largest wrought iron structure in the world. The afternoon journey is particularly stunning as the sun dips low into the sky - lighting up the gorge and streams in a warm golden glow. What makes these views even more special is that they are only easily accessible by train. So if you come on a journey into the Taieri Gorge with us, we will take you to places you couldn't go on your own!

Taieri Gorge Railway Scenery

2. The memories

As we mentioned above, an experience like this will stay with you long after the journey. A train ride is not something most people do very often, so the novelty of the journey itself combined with the beautiful scenery, entertaining live onboard commentary and great company will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. This is an experience that is less about the destination and all about the journey!

3. Relax and unwind

The beauty of taking the afternoon train is that it provides the perfect opportunity for you to sit back, relax and unwind for the day. You can take a load off and enjoy the afternoon light of the Gorge with a drink in hand, as well as move around the train and between carriages whenever you wish. The lighting at this time of day provides some great photo opportunities – take a walk to one of our open-air platforms for some fresh air and to get some great pictures, or simply admire the views from the comfort of your seat. What makes this journey even more relaxing is the isolated nature of the track, meaning there is limited internet and cell-phone reception onboard. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to get off the grid for an afternoon, be present in the moment and enjoy the experience and company of others without the distractions of normal every-day life.

4. Enjoy local food and drink

The Taieri Gorge Railway has an onboard buffet stocked with a variety of local, kiwi grown food and drink options. And what better time of day to enjoy some refreshments than in the late afternoon? Choose from a selection of Central Otago or Marlborough wines, or try a Dunedin born and brewed Speights or Emerson’s Beer. There is a particularly special Ale available at the buffet known as the Emerson’s Taieri George – this beer has a link to the journey itself, being named after one of the founders of the Taieri Gorge Railway. There are also a variety of hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages available. Snacks at the buffet include the Whitestone cheese platter, which is a great option to share with others. Take your food and drink back to your seat and share with good company whilst enjoying the journey and views. 

5. Receive a $10 Food and Beverage voucher for the train

Dunedin Railways is running a special for the afternoon Taieri Gorge Train (departing daily at 3pm). Receive a $10 voucher for the onboard buffet which you can use to redeem any food or drink of your choosing. This voucher is very simple to redeem – all you have to do is select the "$10 Food & Beverage Voucher" at checkout when booking online, or mention this promo to our staff members when booking via email, over the phone or at the front desk. Please note: vouchers are limited to 1 per adult. 

So there you have it – 5 reasons to book the Taieri Gorge Afternoon train. Come on a journey into the Taieri Gorge with Dunedin Railways to get off the beaten track, enjoy the beautifully rugged views, create new memories and try some delicious local refreshments. Book your journey online today, or contact our friendly team for more information.

Posted by Natasha Cameron on November 14, 2019


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