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Scenic Dunedin and Central Otago Train Journeys

Combine a touch of history with a touch of magic and the result is some of New Zealand’s best scenic railway journeys.  The Taieri Gorge Railway travels through the spectacular Taieri River Gorge, offering amazing views and gives a fascinating insight to the building of the railway line and life of those hardy pioneers.  The Seasider travels along the picturesque Otago Harbour before traversing the cliff tops overlooking the dazzling Pacific Ocean.


Taieri Gorge to Pukerangi

One of the world’s great train trips.

  • Price: from $91
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Pukerangi
  • Duration: 4 hrs return
  • Distance: 116 km
  • Operates: daily

Taieri Gorge to Middlemarch

Extend your trip with time in beautiful Middlemarch

  • Price: from $113
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Middlemarch
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Distance: 154 km
  • Operates: Fri & Sun

The Waitati Seasider

The luxurious Silver Fern train runs regular short trips.

  • Price: from $50
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Waitati
  • Duration: 90 mins return
  • Distance: 56 km
  • Operates: Scheduled days

The Moeraki Seasider

A scenic trip and two hours at the boulders

  • Price: from $99
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Moeraki
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Distance: 180 km
  • Operates: Seasider days

Crunchie Train

Selling out fast, book now

  • Price: from $50
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Hindon
  • Duration: 3.45 hours
  • Distance: 80km
  • Operates: 17 and 20 July

The Oamaru Seasider

Oneway or return trips to historic & funky Oamaru

  • Price: from $109
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Oamaru
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Distance: 256km
  • Operates: Seasider days

Shore Excursion

If you are coming to Dunedin on a cruise ship this is the best way to see the Gorge. Book the all inclusive shore excursion though your cruise company.

Oamaru Fire And Steam

Take the Silver Fern to this great Oamaru event

  • Price: from $89
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Oamaru
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Distance: 256km
  • Operates: Friday 2 June 17

West Coast Silver Fern Rail Excursion

Join us on our rail tour to the West Coast

  • Price: from $1949
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: The West Coast
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Distance: 1496km
  • Operates: 25/9

Rail Enthusiasts Oamaru Trip

Join FRONZ on this special Railway themed trip

  • Price: from $79
  • From: Dunedin
  • To: Oamaru
  • Duration: 8 hrs
  • Distance: 256 km
  • Operates: Monday 5th of June

Shuttle and train ex wharf

We encourage you to book the Shore Excursion however if you wish to book a public train independently we have some options here.

Ex Christchurch Southern Rail Tour

Including Dunedin, Invercargill Stewart Island and Oamaru

  • Price: from $2489
  • From: Christchurch
  • To: South
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Distance: 1242km
  • Operates: 4/5 and 23/10

Charter a Train

A train trip will be the perfect "wow factor" at your conference, great transport to your event or something really special for your wedding.


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